QuickUI 0.8.9 released

A minor update.

  • To facilitate controls that want to perform their own layout, controls can bind to a new layout event. Catalog controls like HorizontalPanels, VerticalPanels, PanelWithOverlfow, and PersistentPanel use this to recalculate the layout of their contents in response to a change in window size.
  • A companion event called sizeChanged can be triggered by a control that wants to cooperatively let its parents know about a change in the control’s size.
  • A helper Control method called checkForSizeChange() can be called if a control has updated its contents and there’s the possibility that its size has changed. The helper records the control’s last known size and, if the size has indeed change, raises the aforementioned sizeChanged event.

Catalog control documentation now includes description of control properties and other methods

The documentation for the QuickUI Catalog, which now contains 60+ controls, has been updated to include documentation of each class’ properties and methods.

Previously, the only way to see how to use a control was to read the original control source code on GitHub. Now the descriptions for a class’ members are extracted from the source, and then used to populate the documentation page for that class. For example, the ListBox source is parsed to create the ListBox documentation page.

Updated tutorial for JavaScript-only QuickUI development

The new QuickUI Tutorial shows you how to use QuickUI in plain JavaScript, without the need for a proprietary markup language or client-side compiler.

The tutorial is divided into two sections: the first shows how you can use QuickUI controls in your site (e.g., one mostly constructed via some other tool), and the second shows how to create your own QuickUI controls. The tutorial is built around small interactive coding exercises, each of which demonstrates some aspect of the framework. Due to current limitations of the code editor, the tutorial is not functional in IE8 and Safari. It works fine in Chrome, Firefox, and IE9.

The existing markup tutorial has been moved to a new Markup section that also now hosts the Downloads page for the client-side compiler. This reorganization helps emphasize the fact that the use of QuickUI markup is an optional, somewhat advanced mode of use; markup is no longer required to use or create QuickUI controls.

This tutorial represents the first of several forthcoming steps to make QuickUI more appealing to a wider JavaScript audience.

QuickUI 0.8.8 released

A small breaking change in this release:

  • The “name” attribute on top-level <Control> tags has been changed to “className”. Before:

<Control name=”MyControl”>


<Control className=”MyControl”>

This change allows some consistency with the run-time function className(), and also reduces the chances for confusion if a Control class itself wants to define a “name” property.

This is a breaking change, so markup users will need to download/build the latest qb tool, and force a rebuild of their project.