This blog covers various aspects of developing web user interfaces, and is a development-oriented companion to the flow|state design blog. The blog originally covered topics related to the QuickUI framework, but now generally covers component-oriented web UI development.

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  1. Hello,

    Congratulations on your magnificent work. I have deeply studied the subject “UI development”, since I started with Clipper and then Visual Basic. It is somewhat strange that the concept of visual components for UI, as used by VB since 1993, has been overlooked for so long. You approach, QuickUI, is undoubtedly one of the ways for building UI components for the web, which unfortunately faces the HTML encapsulating limitations. Polifills as Polymer, are attempts to use the shadow DOM as an encapsulation mechanism. In my opinion, all this occurs because HTML does not support the concept of OOP.
    It is a shame to see that your work did not flourished at the rhythm it deserved.

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