QuickUI 0.9.3 released

This minor release is being made now because it contains a fix for the forthcoming release of jQuery 1.9. Changes:

  • A new Control member called Control.browser replicates the behavior of the now-deprecated jQuery.browser member. jQuery is quite reasonably trying to encourage people to use feature-detection libraries like Modernizr instead of looking directly at the user agent to determine behavior, and jQuery 0.9 is removing support for jQuery.browser. However, in developing the QuickUI Catalog controls, minor bugs have been found time and again in specific browsers to prevent controls from working correctly. These bugs are the sorts of things that will never be detectable with a feature-detection library, and hence checking the browser’s user agent is the only practical way to ensure cross-browser compatibility.

The corresponding release of QuickUI Catalog 0.9.3 includes some minor enhancements:

  • A new TextBoxWithButton control covers the common UI pattern of a text box with an adjacent button (often labeled “Go” or something similar). The existing SearchBox control has been refactored to derive from TextBoxWithButton.
  • A new Log control handles the common need to log text output (e.g., from a background process) to the page.